Crowdfunding campaign (Español - English)

Have you ever thought what it would be like to reach your full potential? to make your dreams come true? to be able to make a meaningful change in the world for the better? Those are big aspirations that depend on many things but one very useful one is to allways keep learning and being curious about everything. Those ideas are what motivate this project.

The objective of Libre · Mente is to build a learning platform that can motivate us and help us learn new things and try to reach our full potential aswel as develop greater awarenes and understanding of our world.

To achieve this the plan is to build an online encyclopedia that will cover a wide range of topics that can have meaningful impact in our lives. The best qualities of the internet, technology and media can help us create fun and engaging learning experiencies. The goal is to use all of that to create an amazing place where people can learn and grow.

The project will be developed in three initial stages:

  1. Create the content of 12 to 24 topics selected according to the greatest impact and usefulness they could have on our visitors.
  2. Improve the current system to correct bugs, improve the design and add new features.
  3. Develop interactive tools for education in the platform.

You can check the prototype at A lot of progress has been made in planning, design and development but there is much more to be done to make a high quality and finished product.

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Thank you!

Jefté Díaz